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From humble beginnings as a one-man retail operations specialist, Retail Doctor Group has grown to be a leading retail consultancy in Australia with expertise in retail insights, retail strategy and implementation.

Since our conception in 2005 by Brian Walker, we have worked with over 500 retailers, retail service providers, shopping centres, manufacturers and not-for-profit organisations to plan and build fit for business structures that achieve operational excellence and sustainable profitability.

Laying the foundations and building the structures for solid long term business fitness programs requires the seamless collaboration of business ‘insight architects’, ‘planners’ and ‘builders’. And that’s exactly who we are and what we do.

Retail Doctor Group specialises in the development and transformation of retail strategy into increased asset performance, increasing client sustainable differentiation models underpinned with independent systems and frameworks increasing revenue and profitability. These focus areas are delivered through The Retail Doctor ‘Business Fitness programs.

Brian Walker is CEO, Founder and leading retail strategy advisor at Retail Doctor Group. Having worked closely with a range of clients in the retail sector, Brian brings his consulting and advisory experience to all speaking presentations and workshops.

With each presentation being tailored to your audience, industry or conference, Brian will quite often pull on real life examples from his experience as a retail strategy advisor, to ensure your audience leave with tailored and implementable ‘Business Fitness’ tips.


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Bringing the retail strategy advisor  to the stage…

Interested in a particular area of Brian’s retail strategy advisory work?

Perhaps you would prefer a workshop style presentation rather than a keynote?

Contact Brian now on 0294602882 to discuss what may be suitable for your audience.

As a consultant and leading retail strategy advisor for Retail Doctor Group, Brian regularly assists retail business with the following solutions;

Consumer & Retail Insights Speaker

The journey to being ‘Fit for Business’ starts with truly understanding your customersConsumer Insights

Everyone will agree that you can’t be in the retail business without your customers. Interestingly, over the years, we realised our clients were often missing an intimate knowledge of the very people they exist for.

Our consumer and retail insights models provide clients with an actionable segmentation model that not only tells them who their customers really are, but also how and why they really connect and disconnect with certain brands and services.

Click here for more on our Retail Insights speaker service.

The over arching goal of this stage is to inform you as to current consumer perceptions, types of consumers most attracted to your offer and what the opportunities for growth in your category are:


  • Intimately understand current and future ideal target segments (including personality types & demographics).
  • Motivations, drivers and barriers.
  • Current brand awareness and brand image.
  • Location vs brand as a driver to consumer choice.
  • Consumer cause awareness and relevance.
  • Competitive choice set in your category.
  • Positioning, marketing, retail channels & messages that will achieve the highest impact with identified key segments.
  • Understanding market global and domestic trends and opportunities coupled with internal culture and capability.


Retail Strategy Advisor

Based on the results of consumer insights research, retail diagnostics and the findings of the retail strategy workshop, we will, together with you, develop a refined, replicable and differentiated strategic positioning.

Being ‘fit’ in business, means staying ahead of the curve, carving and delivering your defined and unique point of difference through a motivated employee culture and leading the change necessary to implement.

Our core capability is to develop and transform client strategy into retail best practice for our clients through our proprietary “Business Fitness Programs” process.

 A retail strategy workshop led by Brian Walker uses Retail Doctor Group’s proprietary framework to achieve a clearly defined collegiate perspective on the most appropriate positioning and differentiation strategy. This encompasses both brand and distribution positioning.

Building Your Retail Strategy & Retail Fitness

With particular focus on your retail distribution and growth planning, we utilise all of the drivers to build a retail strategy Australia that is highly tailored to your organisational goals and market opportunities. By ensuring both organic and transactional multi channel growth, we work together to build a model that is defendable, leverageable and replicable.

Along with your retail strategy, you will receive a highly tailored implementation plan that aligns your strategic goals with operational delivery.

Whether you are looking to expand globally or increase growth transaction ally through effective cross channel retail, we can help. Click here for more on retail strategy.

Implementation Planning

Our point of difference is that we don’t just leave you with the ‘what to do, rather, we continue to work with you to implement solutions that make a real difference to your business.

From back of house category management processes to retail selling skills on the shop floor, we can deliver a tailored implementation solution for your retail business, franchise network or shopping centre.

Either as the 3rd stage of an Retail Strategy Advisory project together or standalone, we bring our core retail implementation skills, honed over many years in retailing to implement your tailored strategy.

Applying our Business Fitness Programs module we will work with you in the Implementation Planning through our methodologies, reviewing and implementing best practice retail.

The most effective start to improving your business is to first understand your current and desired direction. Using our suite of diagnostic tools, we assess the gaps between your strategic intent and operational alignment.

In this stage, our project team will work together to develop an implementation ‘fitness plan’ for your business that aligns your insights driven strategy to actionable solutions, based on the needs determined by retail Insights and retail strategy development.

This plan includes prioritised action points and resources required to address the identified retail strategy.

Recommended implementation actions are systemised into our proprietary Fit For Business™ framework.

Click here for more details on these frameworks. 

Individual programs will be proposed depending on your independent ‘fitness plan’. Our implementation division provides a range of solutions, based on your budget, to ensure sustainable change and continuous improvement is achieved in your business.

Additional Services

  • Ongoing support and advisory
  • Shopping  Centre Retail Support

Contact us to find out more!!