Keynote Presentations

Delivered in a practical way, Brian Walker shares his knowledge and proprietary Business Fitness Programs™ tools in energetic, engaging and informative presentations, drawing on global retail best practice.

Brian’s keynote presentations are highly regarded at retailer and franchise conferences, trade fairs, industry conferences, as well as corporate events or retailer support programs (run by shopping centre management). Using real retail examples and success stories, it’s Brian’s mission to ensure audiences leave with key takeouts on the topic and valuable insights on how they can improve their own performance.

“After Brian’s presentation I headed to the office inspired, invigorated and ready to tackle everything… inspiration can be a big motivator” – Top3 By Design

Keynote Presentations are tailored to ensure original material including topical issues based upon current retail and economic environments both domestic and global. From retail strategy, operations, sales and customer insights to merchandising and technology, Brian engages audiences to bring them the best Business Fitness™ tips on how to understand their consumers and develop systems to significantly improve return on investment.

Brian’s most popular Keynote presentations are The Future of Retail, Innovation & Global Retail Trends and his proprietary Steps to Business Fitness™ which has increased the ‘business fitness’ of hundreds of retailers around the world. See below for more details.



The Steps to Business Fitness™

Be the ‘fittest’ you can be.52397_6561

Looking to increase your business results?

Brian Walker is The Retail Doctor and has improved the business fitness of over 500 hundred retails to date. In this practical and informative presentation, Brian takes audience on a journey along his proprietary Steps to Business Fitness™ leaving all audience members with key takeaways to instantly implement after the session.

Audience: This topic is ideal for CEOs, general and operational managers, company and franchise conferences, shopping centre and FMCG conferences and individuals from around the world, seeking to increase their retail results today.

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Embracing change: The Future of Retail is now

The future is now. Digital_Fitting_Room

What does tomorrow look like?

Brian Walker can tell you.

Using over 20 years of experience in the retail sector, and drawing on experiences from around the world, Brian Walker leaves audiences inspired and excited as he discusses embracing change, the future of omni channel and draws on proprietary consumer and trend based insights to predict the retail of tomorrow, today.

Audience: This topic is suitable for a range of public speaking events such as in house presentations to boards, industry stakeholders, senior execs, senior suppliers, retail franchisees and private company conferences; to industry groups, organizations and international conferences.

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Innovation & Global Retail Trends

Be inspired by the best.tescosubwaystore01

Who is the best of breed globally and domestically?

From London to Shanghai, join Brian Walker on a trip around the globe in his most popular keynote presentation looking at global retail trends. Exploring the topics of innovation and leadership this engaging and energetic interactive presentation has wowed hundreds of audiences around the world.

Audience: This topic is suitable for all audiences. Internal presentations to boards, industry stakeholders, senior execs, senior suppliers, and those generally interested in what the future holds. Retail CEOs, retail suppliers, shop/retail design architects, digital retail designers, all industry groups, organisations and international conferences.

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Additional Premium Package: Business Analysis Session (optional)

To enable Brian to assist in improving your “Business Fitness” and speak with more detailed knowledge at your conference there is the option for Brian to conduct an in depth review of your business. He will take time to understand your business and your customers. To do this Brian Walker will visit your businesses and spend one day looking into the sections mentioned below to gain a complete understanding of your business.
This review will allow Brian to target his presentation to your business objectives and go into detail on your key areas for development to enable you to reach your goals.

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