Project Description

Tyres4U, Australia’s largest independent tyre wholesaler, identified they needed to broaden their distribution channel in order to maintain and grow their market share through a changing demographic of tyre retail outlets. In order to address this challenge, Tyres4U & Brian developed a strategy built around multi channel based retail supported by a network of independent tyre dealers brought together under the branding banner of Tyreright. Given Tyres4U’s expertise is in wholesale, we sought the expertise of Brian Walker and his Retail Doctor Group team to help us develop the platform on which to build and grow a retail tyre network. What was needed was a complete and detailed insight and understanding on how to start this from scratch understanding the challenges faced in order to compete with entrenched market brands. Once we had worked with his team to develop the concept, we then asked Brian to assist us in our presentation launch to the market knowing it was imperative to make an impact. Brian’s message to the participants attending that launch was insightful, very compelling and assisted us immensely in changing the thinking of most attendees in the room. Brian and his Retail Doctor Group team have been instrumental in assisting us bringing the Tyreright brand to market while at the same time working with our management team to continually review and refocus our strategy and implementation. For anyone seeking excellence in Brian’s field of expertise, we would thoroughly recommend him and his team to assist in order to maximise your potential outcomes.

Les DeCelis, CEO