Project Description

Tyreright is a new entrant into the tyre retail channel.  Created by Tyres4U as a retail umbrella and as an extension to our long standing tyre wholesale business. After meeting with  Retail Doctor Group we  enlisted the services of Katharina Kuehn, as Director of RDG Insights, to better understand the real customer motivations and connection to our Tyreright brand nationally.

Utilising their consumer insights “Limbic” methodology Katharina was able to not only provide significant and productive information regarding our true customer profiles, but also provide very valuable solutions regarding how we can refine our offer across all our sales channels from physical format environment through to our web portal shopfront activity.  All of our customer facing channels needed to be aligned under the same strategy and Katharina’s research gave us a strong understanding of how we could best achieve synergy across the various retail channels.
The ROI on this methodology has been immediate and profound.

This is a fantastic methodology for drilling into what really matters to your customer and in understanding not only how, but most importantly why they interact with your brand. We have a much clearer and more customer centric view into differentiating our Tyreright offer as a result of Katharina’s work with our organisation.

‘Retail Doctor Group Client Endorsement: Tyreright’

Perry Scafe, National Manager, Business Development