Project Description

It is with great gratitude and pleasure to endorse the services of Brian Walker of  Retail Doctor Group  for all of the support and direction they have given me and my brand over the years. I first met with Brian Walker founder of the Retail Doctor Group  8 years ago at a time where our company was growing quickly, I really needed to set up the structure within my business to support our next phase of growth and needed to ensure we could go to the next level. The Retail Doctor/Brian Walker helped me implement all the necessary systems we needed but also delivered above and beyond with a positive strategy and implementation plan which outlined exactly what we were setting out to achieve  in our next phase. This enabled me to work with my team and deliver a clear tone that our company could work with.

Brian Walker/Retail Doctor is a market leader who continues to be a prominent consultant  that we draw on to support us with our company needs …and in a time of many changes facing our industry, we would not be able to tackle the fast changing needs of the current consumer without the help and great advice of Brian and his team.

I sincerely recommend the Retail Doctor Group to any company who shares a real passion to be the best they can be.

Joe Farage, Managing Director